Welcome to UNIDA!


Sichuan Unida International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. We located in Chengdu, a prosperous city in Southwest of China. We focus on global freight forwarding services and supplying comprehensive logistics services of supply Chain in China . We commit to innovate and forge ahead under the guidance of " do our best to optimize transport capacity and reaching the world".

We are professionally engaged in Domestic Logistics, Global Freight, China-Europe?Railway Express,Cross-border Road Logistics, Large Scale Equipment?Logistics. And also specialized in?International?Trade Service, Customs Clearance And Commodity Inspection,Warehouse Services, Cargo Insurance ,Cross-border ?E-commerce logistics . Our widespread services can meet the diversity demands of most manufacturers.

The experienced team, competitive rate, vast network ,one-to-one customer service, multi-channel resources, perfect information technology system, all of these will be your reliable guarantee of services.

Under the trend of globalization, we believe that we will be superior supplier and industry leader by high quality integrated logistics service with effective work of our all staffs.
By our own trucks and vehicles, strict management and friendly relationship with partners , it ensures our operating costs are lower than the market average. In addition, we can reduce the overall cost by optimizing domestic and global logistics resources effectively. So we can offer you a competitive rate and make your products more advantage with our concept of scale advantage and win-win cooperation.
We established a complete logistics network in 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China by expanding more years. All shipments can be delivered to the vast areas of rural area and towns in China, and our service coverage is more than 95% district of China. For global forwarding services we had networks in many countries,and can easily offer different services under EXW, DDU, DDP and Double Qing.
We will provide you with 24 hours of one-to-one customer service. Our procedure such as booking,cargo tracking,information feedback, problems solving, billing?check and documents return will be strictly operated according to SOP .Your exclusive person will provide you with the best rate and supervise the whole transportation process, and this is the guarantee for your timely and safe service.
Under the guidance of optimizing resource , we expanded our networks across the country and around the world. Through road&air&sea&railway resource integration, we can provide you various combined transport service.
Our perfect TMS and ERP information technology system can provide efficient support for our customer service ,and can realize cargo tracking on time.